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Piotr Michael is an actor, voice actor and comedian based in Los Angeles. "Piotr" is Polish for "Peter", and he's pretty damn sure you haven't met many Americans with that name.

Piotr as "The Mixed Nut", a comedic DJ at University Radio Hilo in Hawaii. (Photo by Jac Depczyk)

Piotr as "The Mixed Nut", a comedic DJ at University Radio Hilo in Hawaii. (Photo by Jac Depczyk)

Piotr grew up in a very creative and artistic family. His father, a master of mime, masks and puppetry, encouraged him to pursue theater, and he gained experience performing for audiences across the country, from Ohio to Hawaii. Piotr soon discovered his unique ability to mimic voices, and during an initial pursuit of an animation career, he developed his skills in voice acting and shared his talents online, gaining worldwide attention from Youtube. Word in the entertainment industry spread, even catching the attention of producers of Saturday Night Live, who seriously considered him to join the cast of 2008. Through persistence in his passion, focused study at schools such as The Groundlings, and a dedication to the craft, Piotr has steadily been working professionally as an on-camera actor, comedian and voice actor, and is often considered one of the best impressionists in the business.

Most recently in 2016, Piotr joined the cast of the revived comedy television series, "MADtv", performing celebrity impressions and characters in the outrageous sketch show. Shortly before that, he had a supporting role in the comedy series, "Impress Me" on POP, where he played a fictionalized version of himself. Since 2014, Piotr has been heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio on the infamous "Howard Stern Show", performing impersonations of many notable celebrities including George Takei, Bernie Sanders, Michael Caine, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen, and even Donald Trump.

Piotr Michael in green, and the new cast of MADtv (Photo by CW Network).

Piotr Michael in green, and the new cast of MADtv (Photo by CW Network).

With his unique vocal range, Piotr does a fair amount of cartoon voice work, as well as being called upon to voice-match actors and celebrities for film dubbing, promos and trailers. He is often sought after to perform as characters far beyond his physical age, and sometimes leaves producers wondering if the wrong guy walked into their session, until he gets behind the microphone. Piotr's talents have been utilized by many studios and entertainment groups including Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Comedy Central, TBS, FOX, Cartoon Network, BBC Radio 1, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, Square Enix, Defy Media, and Maker Studios, among many others.

You can find Piotr locally in Los Angeles, performing stand up and improv comedy.  He can also be found regularly online, in comedic videos, podcasts and skits.


Piotr Michael is a shapeshifting performer, with a wide flexible vocal range and improvisational skills. He has done work from dark serious dramas to outrageous comedies, from straight corporate narration to thrilling high energy promotional advertisements. His vast array of accents and dialects has led him to many prominent projects in film and television.

With many projects moving at lightning speed in Hollywood, some actors featured in a role are unavailable to provide their vocal talent during post-production or promotional campaigns. This is when voice actors are called upon to match them as closely as possible, leaving the final project seamlessly fitting together. Piotr's work includes dubbing many actors and their performances, from Robert DeNiro, Will Ferrell, Jemaine Clement, Clive Owen, to Harrison Ford, Javier Bardem, Colin Firth and many more.





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